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Prayer Seminar by Pastor Pavel Goia

Have you ever felt like your prayers were bouncing off the ceiling and just keeping you company? Have you ever wondered why it seemed God didnít answer your prayers? Join Pastor Pavel Goia for an extraordinary journey of faith. In these five powerful presentations, you will discover why almost 70% of the 650 prayers in the Bible received instant answers. You will be filled with awe and wonder at the power of God as Pastor Goia shares incredible stories and experiences of how God has worked in his life and in the lives of others in direct answer to prayer. If you are ready to experience the real power of prayer, this seminar is for you!

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The ABCs of Prayer by Pastor Glenn Coon

Pastor Glenn Coonís ministry spanned more than 60 years, during which he influenced a denomination and awakened it to the importance of simple prayer. He started the ABCs of Prayer Crusades after leaving denominational employment in 1956 after a bout with cancer, which resulted in lives being changed around North America and the world.

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1. An Amazing New Kind of Prayer

2. Seven Great Bible Facts

3. Coon's Own Nightmare Experience

4. Married, Infatuated, Reunited

5. 20 Years a Victim-Cured in 20 Minutes

6. Lovely Lord of the Lord's Day

7. Seven Secrets of a Happy New Year

8. All This and Heaven Too

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Prevailing Prayer by Dan Augsburger


You can follow the quotes used in this presentation by downloading the PDF. The numbers mentioned in the lectures refer to the "line numbers" on the left hand side. during the series some people had an older syllabus and thus were also given line numbers for their edition of the syllabus.

Prevailing Prayer Syllabus Download PDF

This series was given in Calgary Canada in March of 2010. A large crowd came out every evening to learn more about prayer and the Spirit was very active. This was one of the most blessed series I have ever given.

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01. Help My Unbelief

02. Promises

03. Authority

04. God's Will

05. People

06. Relationships

07. Intercession

08. Healing

09. Healing Processed

10. Persistence and Praise

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